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Lander Sports Development Co. Ltd. (“Lander Sports”, 000558:Shenzhen) is one of the leading sports and leisure development companies in China, with global revenues amounting to approximately CNY 2.5 billion (approximately GBP 300 million) in 2015. The Company is building a comprehensive and sustainable sports ecosystem around six core businesses: sporting events and tournaments, sports clubs and training, sporting facilities construction, sports media, sports digital technology services, and sports financing and financial services. Headquartered in the city of Hangzhou, Lander Sports was recognised by Sports Bank in 2016 as the Best Listed Sports Company in China.

Lander Sports, established in 1995, is a subsidiary of Lander Holdings Group Co. Ltd. (“Lander Holdings”), which is active across various business areas in addition to sport, including real estate, lodging and financial services. Lander Holdings is a private business that is 100 percent controlled by the founder Mr. Gao Jisheng and his family members. Mr Gao is the Chairman of Lander Sports, holding a majority shareholding of 53 percent of its shares together with his family members.


The Company is committed to building a comprehensive and sustainable sports ecosystem around several business clusters.

Four trends in the sports industry have been identified around which the company will build one single ecosystem covering six business platforms and spanning two systems.


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