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Transition to Sports

Lander Sports was formerly known as Lander Real Estate Co. Ltd. The Company's initial growth in the early years was primarily through the construction and management of commercial real estate around the Yangtze River Delta region on China's eastern seaboard. It developed a successful track record in this area, predominantly through the construction and management of shopping centres in Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces. 

The Company changed its name to Lander Sports Development Co. Ltd in 2015 after taking a strategic decision to focus its future development on the sports industry in which it had amassed significant assets and saw major growth potential. It is now one of the leading sports and leisure development companies in China.

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The rationale for the transition into a sports company was rooted in the Chairman's perception that China's market has matured to a stage at which consumers are now increasingly demanding health, entertainment and leisure products and services. This trend is also amplified by increased public and local community funding for sports in China. The business opportunities for a company facilitating these changing demands are significant. The sports industry is predicted to be a major growth sector in the country. Its contribution to the China's gross domestic product is currently just 0.2 percent whereas this figure is routinely around two percent in developed countries.

The Company's sports strategy has been formulated around four trends in the industry that the Chairman, Gao Jisheng, and its senior management have identified. These are namely the changing marketisation of sports, the globalising nature of the industry, an increasing use of new digital technologies by sports consumers, and the utilisation of an increasingly diverse range of financing methods by the sports industry. To capture associated opportunities around these trends, the Company is focused on building an entire sports industry ecosystem composed of a number of integrated business clusters across the sports business value chain.


The Company is committed to building a comprehensive and sustainable sports ecosystem around several business clusters.
  • Sports marketization, sports globalization, sports financing growth, digital technology take-up by sports consumers

  • A single sports business ecosystem around integrated business clusters

  • Sports Financing and Financial Services,Sporting Facilities Construction and Management,Sporting Events and Tournaments,Sports Clubs and Training,Sports Digital Technology Services,Sports Media

  • A public sports services system
    A premier sporting event operating system

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