Lander Sports Management

Chairman's Profile

Mr. Jisheng Gao is Chairman and Director of Lander Sports Development Co Ltd with an approximate 53 percent shareholding in the Company. He also founded Lander Sports' holding company, Lander Holdings, in 1995, in which he has a 100 percent shareholding.

He has a proven track record in the Chinese sports industry, with football his primary focus. He is Honorary President of the Xiaoshan Football Association, Senior Consultant of the Zhejiang Football Association, Executive Vice President of the Macao Association of Zhejiang Entrepreneurs, and President of the Sports Industry Committee of the General Association of Zhejiang Entrepreneurs.

Mr. Gao graduated from Shanghai Normal University with a major in Sports Organisational Management and Business Administration. He is a Guest Professor at four national universities across China, including at Tsinghua University and at the School of Economics at Zhejiang University.

Mr. Gao also holds a National Grade II Basketball Referee title in China. He is 65 years old.

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