Sports Clubs and Training

Sports Clubs and Training


The Company operates sports clubs. It owns and helped re-establish Zhejiang Women’s Football Team, the local provincial team, which is currently in the second division of the Chinese Football League. The Company plans to invest approximately CNY 20 million (over GBP 2 million) per year over the next three years with a goal to transform it into a top national club. Lander Sports also develops and runs training and coaching facilities. It is currently overseeing the development of a state-of-the-art football academy in Zhejiang province to help nurture and develop promising local football talent. The Company also aims to import advanced training systems from overseas in the fields of football, basketball, winter sports and fencing, with a view to upgrading China’s sports training systems. In 2016, Lander Sports co-hosted the Real Madrid Youth Training Camp in China.

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